The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife - Yu Senke & Helen Bianchin
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The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife

By Yu Senke & Helen Bianchin

  • Release Date: 2009-07-01
  • Genre: Femmes


Fashion designer Ilana Girard is too busy with the next fashion contest to be worried about love, so when she meets Xandro Caramanis for the first time, she isn’t distracted by his playboy actions. He relentlessly pursues her, though, and surprises her with a kiss. When the tabloids get a hold of the picture, rumors spread, and Ilana's stalker ex-fiancé emerges to threaten her safety once again. Xando attempts to remedy the situation by protecting her, but can Ilana overcome her dark past? And what secrets does Xando hide behind his magnetic smile?.